rlc-2016-icon-lq-1In February 20I5, I was lucky enough to become friends with Robert Lee, CEO of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (click here to learn more about them!), an amazing organization that rescues food that would otherwise be wasted and donates it to the homeless in 12 cities in America.

At the time, I had hit a personal low. I was tired of my life New York City. My friends were leaving to chase their dreams in San Francisco or starting their own companies. On a train ride home, I saw this article on my Facebook feed and read about a 22-year-old guy, NYU Stern alumnus just like me, who quit his cushy job at J.P. Morgan to start a food rescue nonprofit because he didn’t always have enough food on his table growing up.

I added him on Facebook and asked if I could borrow an hour of his time for dinner. I will never forget our conversation. “I lose sleep at night thinking about how I can make sure no New Yorker ever has to go hungry because there’s already enough food being wasted to feed all of them.” This was someone who had vision beyond his years. “I want to support you, but I’m going to need some time. My mom and I have started to do benefit concerts, it would an honor to work with you as well.”

More than a year later, this vision is finally coming to fruition. On December 17, 2016, Mom and I will be performing at the DiMenna Center for Classical Arts to support Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. I am still amazed every single day by Robert and his ability to create his image of a better world for the underprivileged with his own strength. I am two years older than he is, but I aspire to be like him. My mom and I are so proud to be partnering with his amazing organization.

Our program will showcase our duet repertoire, including Faure’s Dolly Suite, Brahms’ Hungarian Dances, and Rachmaninoff’s Six Pieces Collection. This will be our first time performing 1 piano 4 hands works publicly – we hope to see you there!

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